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selected scene writings #1
by Mariko (marikotoeii)
at May 21st, 2005 (08:22 am)

currently the creator is...: contemplative

It was dark when Yujiko finally got home that night. All of the lights in the apartment were off, apart from the ones that were in Mami's studio. The door was closed and there was a small glow of light that outlined the door.

Yujiko, ofcourse, knew that opening that door would only earn her some sort of cold rebudff from the artist within, and if she could make it through the evening wihtout any hash words, all the better. She put the bag of chinese food down and scooped some onto two different plates. She took one to the studio door, set it down, and lightly knocked twice.

The door opened only for a moment and she caught a glimpse of her so distant loved inside. Her hair was buzzed short in the back, but longer and freer on the top and sides. She wore circular glasses, a tshirt and a pair of pajama pants. Mami said nothing, only took the food and reclosed the door.

But this was their status quo and it had been for months now. Yujiko took her dinner to the living room and ate alone...

later on in the evening, Mami emerged, silently, looking only ahead of her and saying nothing as Yujiko smiled and greeted her as she walked through the living room to the bathroom. But again this was normal. But it hadnt always been that way...

three years earlier, when they had met, Mami had been a whole differnt woman. She was never immensely social, but she opened up to yujiko. They would lie in bed sharing stories and secrets. But once they moved in together, Mami had pulled away from her. It was gradual. Now it was almost as like Yujiko was a ghost to her.