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CK Character Biographys
by Mariko (marikotoeii)
at July 19th, 2005 (03:08 pm)

Sydney Bloom


Age: 23

Ht: 5'4"                       Wt: 135lbs (Before Midnight Taquito Madness)

Blood Type: B

        After leaving home at the age of 16, Sydney struggled to make a life for herself in the big city. She worked many jobs and saved all of her money until she had enough to get to canada and transition completely. The story picks up after Sydney has come back from Canada, and now must decide what to do with her life now that she is a woman. Currently, Sydney is living with Mariko and attending fashion design school. She has a part time job at Cafe Megabyte, an internet cafe. Sydney's favorite food is taquitos and her least favorite food is broccoli. She is fun loving, spontaneous and cute.


Mariko Toeii


Age: 25

Ht: 5'7"                 Wt: 155lbs

Blood Type: O

                     Mariko has just started her adult life. After graduating college, she took a job and moved into the city. Through out all of her romantic life, she has only ever wanted to be with tgirls, and when she met Sydney one night at a club, she was deeply intrigued. By and By their relationship grew from dating to room mates, but even thought Mariko loves Sydney, theyare no in a committed relationship. Mariko is the realistic and stable pillar of Sydney's life..