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Plot Writings #1
by Mariko (marikotoeii)
at August 1st, 2005 (07:11 pm)

currently the creator is...: accomplished

every once an a while i like to come in to the community and do a writing sample about the comic. Please be advized that these often contain plot spoilers!

It was getting late that friday night. Even Sydney, who's normal bedtime was around three AM, was starting to get tired. Yujiko and Tryxi were asleep in the back seat, each of them leaning on one of Landar's shoulders. They were all piled into Lander's honda, and since Landar had been too tired to drive. Kyle had taken over with Sydney in the front. "Ahhh night driving is the best.." Kyle smiled, as he flew past a car. "So what did you think of New York City, Bloom?"
"Its too crowded and mondo expensive.." She crossed her legs. They had just finished clubbing and instead of checking into the hotel another night, they were driving the four hours back to boston.
"A hot girl like you would have no trouble finding a sugar daddy," he laughed. She shot him an indignant look. He placed one hand a top of the wheel and ran the other through his long black hair. "Theres too many sharks in that city for me. Men like me are a dime a dozen.. and the woman are a touch wiser too."
"I think Mirabella is the only one whose really fallen for your lies.." Sydney looked out the window. "Its just... disgusting how you treat her.."
"She likes it.. If she really hated me, and really felt i was being so unjust, then all she'd have to do is toss me out. I have never once begged her or any other woman to give me anything.. as a matter of fact there have been more instances of them begging me to accept.."
They pulled over at a gas station on the border of MA and CT. Soon the sun would be coming up. Kyle gave Sydney a 20. "Pack of smokes and a mountain dew.. and whatever you want for yourself.." Syd sauntered into the store and wandered through the aisles. "yummmmm powdered donuts!" she snatched a package.
Kyle had the car ready when she came out. He chugged down half of his soda and lit a cigarette. Sydney shook her head. "Smoking is bad for you."
"I think it goes wiht my theme.. as I seem to be generally bad for you" He smiled. "Look at Landar the pimp back there! Hehe."
"How on earth did such a good boy find you as a best friend?" She popped a donut in her mouth.
"We grew up together.. Went to the same schools.. Were in the saem crowd for the most part.. Yolu must understand we big bad wolves dont hang out together.. No No we'd end up encrouching on each other's territory and what not.."
"Ill never let you get into my picnic basket," She gave him a raspberry.
"Too bad... We could have had lots of fun.."
"You wouldnt want me if i let you have me. You'd get bored and move ont to the next girl.."
"Well, Ms. Bloom, if you really want me to go away and that is your hypothesis, then whydont you give me what i want?"
"Becuase I dont think i want you to win. :P" They were quiet for a while until Sydney slowly drifted off to sleep.